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Reasons to Bike Commute to Work

Bike commuting improves your health:
  • Staying in better shape will decrease your chances of getting sick.
  • National health statistics show that when you're more active, you decrease your risk for cancer, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.
  • Bicycle commuting allows you to include your workout in your daily schedule and helps to meet fitness goals.

Bike commuting improves your mood:
  • More energy available throughout the day.
  • Improved health and happiness.
  • Regular participation in a cycling routine naturally shifts your focus to include thoughts of the weather, areas in your community to ride, road safety, and traffic. Thereby increasing your awareness of the link between the environment and your community.

Bike commuting saves you money:
  • Reduce car maintenance.
  • Reduce your gas bill.
  • Reduce parking costs.

Bike commuting helps the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

What is our mission?

When Trek began in 1976, our mission was simple: Build the best bikes in the world. Today, we’ve added to our mission: Help the world use the bicycle as a simple solution to complex problems.

The bicycle is the most efficient form of human transportation. It can combat climate change, ease urban congestion, and build human fitness. It brings us together, yet allows us to escape. And it takes us places we would never see any other way. At Trek we believe in bikes.

Change the World
1 World - 2 Wheels
Ride for your Health
Ride for the World
Ride for our Future

Welcome to Trek Store Columbus

We're here for you. We are your local full service community bike shop with worldly bike knowledge. We have three locations in Columbus, OH:
  • Dublin store is located at 2720 Sawmill Place Blvd., Columbus, OH 43230 614-791-TREK (8735)
  • Westerville store is located at - 5985 Maxtown Rd., Westerville, OH 43081 614-901-TREK
  • Upper Arlington is located at 1442 W. Lane Ave., Columbus, OH 614-791-TREK
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Sunday • 4 days ago
Rain cancelled TREK Sunday Morning Ride, might as well get some Zwift time in before work.  22 mile indoors
Friday • 6 days ago
Morning commute before the rain storms roll through central Ohio. And an errand on the way to USPS. #TREKstorecolumbus  10 mile commute
Thursday, May 18 • 7 days ago
Thursday Father-Daughter day.We were able to get in a very windy evening ride around Hilliard after the rains had stopped. GOOD FUN DAY!  15 mile social
Wednesday, May 17 • 8 days ago
WOW! 75° at 9 am, it's going to be a hot one. It is about time!  12 mile commute
Nice headwind home with Andrew. Two against the wind is better than one # TREK  14 mile commute
Tuesday, May 16 • 9 days ago
First father - daughter ride of the year. Fun, quickly warming and very windy afternoon.  20 mile social
Monday, May 15 • 10 days ago
Blue skies, nothing but blue skies all day long - commute to work #TREK  12 mile commute
Sunday, May 14 • 11 days ago
Trek Mother's Day Training Ride - Joel got the first flat of the year.  38 mile workout
Saturday, May 13 • 12 days ago
Commute to work #TREK  9 mile commute
Commute home right at sunset.  11 mile commute
Friday, May 12 • 13 days ago
Cloudy commute to work.....really sick of the Columbus greys....  11 mile commute
Commute home with clearing skies. Looks like the grey skies are done.......finally!  20 mile commute
Thursday, May 11 • 14 days ago
Glad I forced myself out in the grey and sprinkling skies. I out lasted it to find blue skies and the warmth of the sun.  27 mile workout
Wednesday, May 10 • 15 days ago
A hint of sun with a pretty good wind out of the N.E. Yeah...head wind commute to work again. Should be fast on the way home.  15 mile commute
#TREK - Warm night commute home. My pockets were stuffed with everything I didn't need from this mornings ride.  16 mile commute
Monday, May 8 • 17 days ago
Cold wind out of the North commute to work - TREK. Feels like winter is trying to sneak back in to Midwest.  10 mile commute
Just a short ride to meet the Lady Ms. Deb and to see my little sis off before she heads back to NY.  2 mile errand
Sunday, May 7 • 18 days ago
TREK Sunday Morning Ride. Much quicker on the way back.  38 mile workout
Friday, May 5 • 20 days ago
Got to do what you have to do and better by bike  20 mile errand
Wednesday, May 3 • 22 days ago
Brrrrrr! Where did the nice warm Spring weather go?!?!?!  10 mile commute
Monday, May 1 • 24 days ago
Zwift - London course - On a rainy Monday, why not a little Zwift time.  14 mile indoors
Sunday, Apr 30 • 25 days ago
TREK Sunday Morning Training Ride. Nice group on wet, dry, wet, dry, wet and dry roads. Must have rained last night.  34 mile workout
Saturday, Apr 29 • 26 days ago
Zwift - Watopia - I love end of season sales. First ride on my CycleOps Hammer or a quickie on a rainy Saturday morning before work.  12 mile indoors
Wednesday, Apr 26 • 29 days ago
Nice easy spin to work. I can feel the winds changing direction.  12 mile commute
Shortened commute home to meet DBr for dinner.  4 mile errand
Tuesday, Apr 25 • 30 days ago
A third by myself, a third with the C.O.P. fast group and the final third into a strong headwind to get home in time for dinner.  35 mile workout
Monday, Apr 24 • 31 days ago
Headwind commute to work  15 mile commute
Tailwind commute home with two KOM's  12 mile commute
Sunday, Apr 23 • 32 days ago
TREK Sunday Morning Training Ride - Come out and get stronger with us! Meet at 7:30 am at Trek Dublin Store.  36 mile workout
Saturday, Apr 22 • 33 days ago
To TREK Bicycle Store Columbus/Dublin  11 mile commute